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Psychiatry & Pain Management

Emad Bishai, MD

“Emotional pain is a very real pain. It is my personal mission to help turn the pain you feel today into the strength you have and use tomorrow.” – Dr. Bishai

Dr. Bishai offers compassionate care for individuals living with depression, anxiety, attention problems, addiction, insomnia (sleep issues and sleep disorders) and other psychological and emotional challenges.

As one of a handful of physicians dual trained residency in psychiatry and pain management, Dr. Bishai has a comprehensive understanding of both diagnosis and treatment planning. His far-reaching multidisciplinary training and experience of over 25 years, combined with a relentless pursuit to study and seek the newest treatment options, make Dr. Bishai an expert at providing holistic mental health management.

Dr. Bishai believes that treating the whole person, and not merely a symptom, ensures the best outcomes for his patients.